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Gifts for the Star Wars Obsessed Husband.

Okay, I realize that this post is quite specific but bear with me as this list of presents could be tweaked in almost any way for the special man in your life. I just happen to be married to a guy who has made Star Wars his obsession (Lord of the Rings is a close second). Because of this, I have spent hours perusing the internet for Star Wars themed gifts. I have a special shopping list full of Star Wars ideas I find for when my mind blanks on what to buy him.


This is one of the easier ones to find. Check out Target or Walmart and you’ll usually find a few shirts at least. Amazon is far easier to find clothing from t-shirts to hats, even family pajamas. My husband’s favorite hoody came from Target and his Star Wars hat came from Amazon. This gift is perfect for any husband interested in Star Wars, whether it’s a casual or obsessive interest.


I mentioned in my post about Holiday Traditions that I buy my husband a Lego set every year. It’s become my tradition to him. While Legos may seem like a childish gift, it’s really one that can be enjoyed at any age. My husband’s Lego collection now sits on shelves behind his computer, little lego people posed for battle. Since Ade loves legos, too, the two of them will often build one together. This gift is perfect for the husband that likes to work with his hands or grew up making models.


Star Wars books are great and I’m not just saying that because I’m a bibliophile. Before we went to visit Galaxy’s Edge earlier this year, we both read ‘Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire’ by Delilah S. Dawson. The insight we gained from this book made the experience so much better. I felt like I was really able to immerse myself into the experience because I knew all those little and extra details given in the book. We’re constantly adding to our Star Wars book collection. This gift is perfect for the bibliophile husband or one who just wants more insight into the Star Wars galaxy.


My husband’s collection of FunkoPop figurines began quite by accident. He received a couple for Christmas a few years back and decided it wouldn’t hurt to add to it. Since then he’s added a few here and there. You should be able to find them in book stores like Barnes and Noble or Books A Million, but if you don’t have one close to you then you can, of course, find them on Amazon. This gift is perfect for the husband that likes to collect figurines.


I have debated many a time on buying my husband Star Wars themed cookware. From popcorn makers to spoons, it seems like they have it. I did end up buying him a Darth Vader tumbler one year off of Amazon. It’s a big one, too, which is great because my husband loves drinking water (yes, he really does). Almost every year I wonder if I should maybe buy him that Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker. If you have a husband who loves cooking and Star Wars then you can’t go wrong with this type of gift.


Ties, cuff links, wallets, keychains, rings, pens, and notebooks; they’re all available to find. My husband is not a jewelry type of person, but he is almost constantly in search of the perfect wallet. Unfortunately, he currently has one that he’s satisfied with, but I have a few I’m eyeing for when that one goes out. If you’re looking for stocking stuffers for your Star Wars guy then these small accessories are the way to go.


Whether it’s a 3D Light of R2-D2 or an Exploding Death Star Wall Clock, decor can add just the right pop for your guy’s Star Wars space. One of my favorite gifts I have given my husband is a set of Blueprint posters of both Rebel and Empire vehicles. It paired well with the Star Wars rug he had purchased for his office. Another way to gift decor is to simply print out some of his favorite movie quotes and frame them. Whether your guy wants to be subtle or blatant about his Star Wars obsession, help him liven up his space with a bit of decoration from a Galaxy Far, Far Away.


By the time Christmas came around last year, we had already booked our trip to Disney World and while we kept it a surprise for Ade’s birthday, I gifted my hubby a personal coupon to be redeemed for making either one Droid or Lightsaber at Galaxy’s Edge. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect Star Wars gift, or that gift won’t be available until after Christmas, a coupon is a personal way to give an IOU.

I hope this list of gifts helped in some way. If your special someone isn’t Star Wars obsessed, you can take this list and hopefully apply it to their personal hobby or fandom.

What do you buy for the special guy in your life? Do you have a special present you give him every year? Is your guy hard to buy for? Let me know in the comments! Happy Blogmas!


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