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12 Days of Blogmas.

Good morning, beautiful people! Yes, you. You are beautiful and I am not the only one who says so. It is a chilly 55º outside and overcast, so it’s feeling like a proper autumn day. Honestly, I’m looking around my house, thinking about digging in the Christmas boxes for some more decorations while Carrie Underwood sings Christmas songs in my ear. Yes, I realize Thanksgiving is still a day away, but listen, our Christmas tree has been up since November first. Which brings me to a decision I have made recently.

This year, I will be participating in Blogmas. If you’ve been around the blogging community for awhile, then you know what Blogmas is all about. For those of us who have never heard of Blogmas, I was one such person before last week, it’s exactly as it sounds–Blog posts concerning Christmas. Normally it’s 24 or 25 Days but as it’s my first year, I decided not to overwhelm myself and am going with another traditional Christmas number: 12.

From Holiday Traditions to Present Ideas, I’ll be writing on them all. I hope you’ll join me on this Holiday journey.

Until then, I hope you’re able to enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday. I have to ask, will you be enjoying the holiday with a family gathering or in your own homes away from all others? Like so many, we will be spending the holiday just the four of us at home. I am increasingly hopeful that next year we’ll be able to join our extended family once again. My cousin posted pictures today from our family gathering two years ago and it made me miss them so much. However you are spending this week, I hope you stay safe (and sane). Happy Tuesday!

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