Being the Home’s Heart.

I am a homemaker. By this title, it is my job to make the place we dwell into a home. What does this mean? It is my job to sit and determine the spirit–the atmosphere–of our home. That means that whatever atmosphere I want for our dwelling is the spirit that I need to live in. As wife and mother, I am the heart of the home. Whatever state my heart is in will be the state of our home.

What kind of atmosphere do I want in our dwelling place? Peaceful, Joyful, Sensitive to God and His presence. What can I do to cultivate a welcoming, peaceful, God-like atmosphere?

First of all, I must care for my heart. I must be consistently seeking out and in-tune with God. I must care for the garden of my heart–walking with and helping the Gardener to weed out the life choking weeds and to nurture the seeds of God’s word and nature. I must be continually walking with Christ and drawing near to Him.

I must pray over our dwelling place and over my family. I need to speak God’s word not just over our lives but into–and over–our home. I should regularly walk through our dwelling place praying and speaking God’s word. Make this a habit.

What do I let into our house? I need to evaluate what we let into our lives. Is it good? Is it lovely? Would it please God? If not then it doesn’t need to enter our lives.

What is the physical state of our dwelling place? While I don’t need to do everything myself, I do need to evaluate the state of our home and then delegate accordingly.

Am I correctly nurturing and encouraging those in my household? Am I teaching my children God’s word? How am I encouraging my husband’s relationship with Christ? Am I fully giving each person the attention and time that they need and require? Am I speaking good and lovely things about them to them? I am not a servant but do I have a serving heart? What is my tone when I speak? Even when I am giving correction to my children I need to speak with grace and mercy.

Am I using wisdom in my spendings? Am I constantly impulsively buying or buying things that none of us need? Do I make sure that everyone in my household has all they need? Do I set aside money when I can? Do I evaluate the state of our affairs? Do I work with my husband to have a plan for when times are hard?

What I do matters. How I do it matters. While I am not in control of other’s feelings and actions, the state of my heart will go a long way in the direction of others. Am I like a breath of fresh air? Or am I a strong wind that blows in all directions, giving neither rest nor peace? What does the garden of your heart look like?

Care for your heart and you’ll improve the heart of your home.

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