The Holiday Binge Gateway

End of the year holidays always begins talk of weight. Everywhere you turn it seems there’s always a joke about eating too much or an admonishment to not eat too much. For some reason, these talks always begin with Thanksgiving, but can we all agree that the real culprit is Halloween?

image from Pexels

Think about it, when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas you have to actually make the food (most of the time, or is that just my family?) but with Halloween, there are literally shelves upon shelves of candy and other “halloween” themed food in stores for at least a month before the actual holiday. Then there’s the after Halloween sales. Hey they have to get rid of all those products somehow so why not make it easier and more tempting for the consumer? And consumers we become.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are times for gathering, or at least they have been in years past, and yeah, when you’re busy catching up with family and friends it can totally be easy to lose count of how many chocolate turtles and plates of turkey you’ve ingested. I’m not saying that these two holidays haven’t earned their reps, but I think it’s time to stop overlooking the first EOY Holiday culprit. Halloween is the real Kick-Off to that holiday binge. Let’s face it, its the holiday binge gateway.

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