What is Our Grave?

If you left the grave behind You, so will I.

So Will I (100 Billion X)

The definition of Grave is: A place of burial for a dead body, typically a hole dug in the ground and marked by a stone or a mound; used as an allusive term for death; a place where a broken or discarded object lies.

The grave we leave behind isn’t just an eternal separation from God. A grave is anything that keeps us from living, from being whole in Christ. It could be sin, it could be something from our past, it could be a generational curse.

In the Bible, the grave is called Sheol–the abode of the dead or a place of darkness to which the dead go. In the terms of Salvation, it can be seen as where we abide before the acceptance of Christ’s death and resurrection. Psalmists often refer to being in the depths of Sheol and God rescuing them from there. God has rescued us from a place of death.

For great is Your mercy and loving-kindness toward me; and You have delivered me from the depths of Sheol [from the exceeding depths of affliction].

Psalm 86:13

On the Cross, Jesus became all those things that create our personal Sheol, our personal Grave. He became sin, He became trauma, He became panic and anxiety, He became addiction, He became cursing and berating, He became ungodly emotions (guilt, shame, unrighteous anger, etc.), He became sexual misconduct. He became everything that would keep us from an intimate, first-hand, friendship with God. He took upon those things and darkness fell because God the Father could not bear to look upon what His Son had become. And then, when Jesus was resurrected, when He left the grave behind, He left all of those things behind, too, broken with no power to hold back those who call upon Him in surrender.

We are no longer broken or discarded.

What is keeping you from a close relationship with God? God has spoken death to those things. They no longer have their power, it was broken long ago. We are no longer broken or discarded. It’s time to move beyond them. Seek out God and what He says about you, then speak those things over yourself. Leave the things of the grave behind. Step beyond the veil into the Holy place where God resides. He’s there to meet you, waiting for you.

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