Kids and Their Eating Habits…

My kids are going through a bread stage. Every meal or snack currently includes a request for bread.
“I want chicken, and pinky (strawberry applesauce), and bread.”
“I want gummies and bread.”
Like, I know the bread is good but is it 5+ times a day worthy? I don’t think so. I’m really starting to wonder if this a stage every kid goes through or if my kids are just that weird.

I know growing up I totally had a thing for mashed potatoes, but I don’t think I wanted it all day every day. I do remember having an after school snack of hot dogs with ketchup and mustard but it wasn’t like I was asking to have it for dinner, too. Honestly, kids are weird.

I can’t really call my kids picky eaters, either. It’s not their fault they have food intolerances and allergies. We do have certain guidelines we try to stay within for the most part. Sometimes we’ll cheat, though it’s not often and it’s as controlled as we can make it. When we do, of course the kids always ask for multiple servings. Living with food intolerances can be hard, but we’re learning where the limits are. Trying to teach the Isbe and Ade to not be picky eaters within those guidelines can also be challenging, but what kid their age really wants to eat broccoli? You know, unless Isbe’s going through another broccoli stage, which does randomly happen from time-to-time.

I think it’s interesting watching their eating habits simply because I’m not a picky eater and the hubby is. There are things I don’t like, of course, but in the vast list of foods, the do-not-eat category only holds a few things. I’m curious to see, as they (hopefully) grow out of these intolerances, what they will eventually like to eat. Perhaps ten years from now, we’ll still be stocking up on dinner rolls for them. Who knows?

Were you a picky eater? If you have kids, do you consider them picky eaters? Or do they eat things you wouldn’t even stomach? Are their eating habits just as weird as my kids’? I’d love to know! Happy Monday!

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