The Conditioner I’ve been Searching for?

Last week I was on the hunt for a new hair conditioner and, boy, did I find it. This isn’t a sponsored post, but I felt the results I’ve experienced needed to be shared. Unfortunately, though my last shampoo and conditioner each smelled amazing, the build up they caused was absolutely horrible. My head constantly itched and sections felt goopy no matter how many times or ways I rinsed my hair.

The first to go was my shampoo and the change was instantaneous. After researching a few shampoos, I came across Not Your Mother’s Naturals. In the reviews for their Restore and Reclaim shampoo, many people said it was perfect for fighting against brassiness in their blonde hair. Since my hair is currently dyed blonde and it’s a purifying shampoo, I took a chance on it. I was very happy with the results. No more build up, no more goopy feelings, and the blonde portions always seem brighter after using it.

With my conditioner running out recently, I decided to give NYM Naturals another go. The question this time was which would help my hair the most? Between postpartum and damage from dying my hair so much, my hair is dry and not as healthy as it used to be. The debate for me was to whether to go with their Repair and Protect or their Nutrient Rich line. After talking it over with a friend (more like complaining about not knowing which one to get) I decided to go with her choice: Repair and Protect (or as we called it, the yellow one.)

The “Yellow One”

I was amazed after just the first use. Not only was my hair super soft, it was so easy to brush, even a few days later. Seriously, my hair was so soft I texted my friend and told her the only way I could describe how my hair felt was “luxurious”. Yes, I laughed at myself. Yes, I am totally serious about how my hair felt. The conditioner also smells a lot better than I thought I would. I’ve become sensitive to scents and was worried that this would either be overpowering or not appeal to me, or both. Thankfully neither of those happened.

The fact that I noticed such a difference in my hair says something to me. I don’t remember ever having such a strong reaction to a conditioner, and I’ve tried a lot of conditioners. Another good thing about this conditioner? It’s ingredients are mostly plant-derived and cruelty free. I know not everyone is concerned with those types of things, but it’s good to know in case you are.

I have high hopes for these products. As I’m currently planning on growing my hair back out to childhood lengths, I’m hoping both the shampoo and conditioner help keep my hair healthy and strong. Maybe once I run out of this conditioner I’ll try the other one. Maybe. If I don’t become addicted to the way the yellow one makes my hair feel. Every woman needs a little luxury in her every day life, right?

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