The Homeschool Game

How is it June already? It completely snuck up on me. According to a Facebook memory post, this is actually a regular occurrence. I’d like to think it’s because I’m enjoying my life and not concerning myself with some future date. I know this year that’s a big reason.

Two weekends ago we celebrated our wedding anniversary, then hubby was off work for the holiday. I’d been off social media for the majority of the week and missed the days to pick up dance pictures and costumes. Then this last weekend we were too busy having fun outside and I forgot to plan this week’s lessons. Oops. But I believe I’m finally back on track.

The beauty of homeschooling is that you can turn almost anything into a learning experience at any time point during your day. So while I was washing dishes and getting the kids’ dinner ready, we started school. Usually we work out of a workbook but since I was busy and couldn’t stop to sit down with Ade, I went for the fun factor.

One of Ade’s favorite learning games that we do is a Letter Hunt. We go throughout the house looking for the Letter of the Week. We look at signs on the walls, boxes, shelves, books, anything that has words on it. He’s really good at it and will often spot the letter in places that I may not notice. Last night I sent him on a hunt for shapes, asking him to bring me something that was in a specific shape or had the shape on it. He gave me a big grin and was off like a shot, running around the room looking for something to show me.

Ade is currently learning the sequence of things so I did a two-for-one type thing. Instead of asking him to recite his alphabet or going on a letter hunt, I said a letter and asked him what letter came before or after it. (What letter is before B?) We also have a page with the alphabet pinned to a cork board above the craft table. I asked him to go find and point out the letters and used that to introduce him to the new letter of the week.

For this one, I lined up some toy torpedoes and quizzed him on their order as well as their colors. He’s an ace at his colors already so this was just a little bonus meant entirely for fun. I also used letters for this, such as asking him if D is the first, second, third, or fourth letter.

Something we’ve added to his curriculum is watching a documentary of some kind (usually about an animal) and having him retain about three facts that he learned. This one is fun for me, too, because I love learning about all these different places and animals. While I didn’t have him watch a new documentary, I did ask him questions about the one we watched last week just to see if he remembered.

We were back on track today with our lessons. However, I’m glad that we didn’t lose a day of learning simply because of my mistake. The freedom we have with homeschooling is so nice. I especially love that the kids will be able to pursue their own personal interests without the limits of a restricted course. If you homeschool or want to help your child learn at home, don’t be afraid to have fun. It’s the best way to learn! Happy Learning!

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