One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Do you ever look at your workout routine and have the thought, I do not want to do that exercise? I don’t mean as a whole, but an individual exercise that you think you have to do because someone recommended it or it’s part of a Pinterest set you’re doing. So you find yourself doing it halfway, maybe incorrectly, and as fast as you can? Yeah, so why do you keep doing it?

Why put myself through something I dread doing?

This is a question I asked myself the other day (as in earlier this week). I have been doing the same exercise routine throughout April and there is one exercise move that I have to honestly say I hate. With one week left, I decided I’ve had enough of it. Why put myself through something I dread doing? I finally looked up moves that pinpoint the same areas and switched the dreaded reverse fly for a different move.

For the longest time, running and I did not get along. As a child, I was not allowed to run much due to my heart condition. In fact, the only sport that I was allowed to play growing up was t-ball because you rest between runs. (I never graduated to baseball simply because it didn’t hold my interest.) By the time I was told I could start running, and play soccer if I wished, I was already head-over-heels in love with Ballet. After that, running was simply something I didn’t care about until after I had Ade and decided to try it out. I loved it.

Find something else you enjoy and still benefits you in the same way.

I give you that story to tell you that if you don’t like running then find something else you enjoy and still benefits you in the same way. All of the benefits that people find in running, I found in the dance studio. I built up stamina, endurance, muscles, and relieved stress. I sweated and learned to breath properly. When my doctors told me I was in the top 50% of kids without CHD, it was the stamina that I’d built up through dance that allowed me to stay on that treadmill for as long as I did.

Another secret-not-secret: I hate push-ups. I find them hard to do and injured my neck/shoulder a few years ago doing one incorrectly. They just are not my thing. So, I find other exercises to fill that area. If you want to exercise and receive all the benefits that come with it, then find one that you like. Otherwise you won’t stick with it. As with many, many things, one size does not fit all. So find or put together one that does fit you. At least you’re doing something and enjoying it. Happy Exercising!

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