5 Ways to Fill Your Time

With the social distancing timeline extended, I’m sure more than a few people are wondering what to do with their time. Whether you have kids or not, we need something to keep us from going a little coo-coo, right? Well I’m here to help provide you with some ideas to fill your time. I hope these help!

1. Spring Cleaning
I feel like this one may be the most obvious to list. It is Spring, after all. For me, I like to make a schedule of sorts to help me out. I may not follow it strictly day-by-day, though I do try. If I miss a day, at least I know what exactly I’ve missed and where I can pick up. Even as a stay at home mom, I do not enjoy cleaning. To help me out I give myself three tasks, at most, a day. Two of those tasks are simple or something I actually enjoy doing, and the third is one task that I absolutely don’t want to do or will take some time to accomplish. If I’m going to be standing up or moving around, then I make sure to have music going. If I’m going to be sitting (like folding laundry), I try to have a movie or show on the tv, or I take a small break every few minutes to read a chapter in my book, though this one is a bit dangerous as I can get caught up in the story and not feel bad about abandoning my task. How you design your cleaning day is up to you, just remember that even a small task is something done.

2. Potty Train Your Child
Okay, I realize this doesn’t apply to everyone, but if you have a child of potty training age, this is the perfect time to work on that, especially if you’re concerned about consistency. You don’t have to worry about going anywhere or missing a timer because you’re out and about. Honestly, if I wasn’t already working on weaning Isbe, we’d be full-on the potty train. Although, I guess luckily for me, Isbe seems content to follow big brother’s example and wants to go potty on her potty, too. There is an end in sight to nursing and diapers! Yes!

3. Research Something You Have an Interest In
What better time to fully explore your interest in something? Is there a book you’ve been wanting to read? Crack that book open! Have you always wondered what Sheldon was talking about while watching The Big Bang Theory? Look up articles on Theoretical Physics. Learn the musical scales. Find an online dance class. Go pick leaves off your trees and study the differences in them. Start an herb garden. Learn the basics and beyond of cooking. Seriously, guys, this one can go in any direction. Take this time to explore an interest, to find out something new. They say knowledge is power. Who doesn’t want a little more power?

4. Act Like a Kid Again
What was your favorite thing to do as a kid? Was it making mud pies? Playing the floor is lava? Pretending to be a Superhero? Whatever it was, do it again. Build a fort in your living room and watch a movie with your family. In fact, whether it’s just you and your significant other or if you have kids, too, why not play Hero vs Villain? Use the imagination that I know you still have, even if it’s been buried deep it is still there. Go have fun!

5. Workout
You really don’t need a gym to have a workout that makes a difference. Take it from someone who works out at home. It doesn’t matter if you worked out pre-quarantine or not. Why not start now? You don’t even need to buy weights if you don’t have any. Look up workout routines that are use your own weight. I’ll tell you something, a few years ago when I was the strongest I’ve ever been, it didn’t come from going to the gym and lifting weights. I gained that strength from dance classes. From doing push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, and a number of other things that are involved in dance classes. The only thing holding you back from working out is you. So get to moving!

So here are a few ideas. I hope they help you to make the most of this time! What are you doing during this time? Is there something special you’ve found you enjoy doing now that you have the time? The beauty of all these things is that you can do them whether you have children or not. You know, except for number two. If we make the most of these times, who knows what we’ll discover about ourselves and those around us. Happy Exploring!

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