The Generational Dish

I’ve always thought of my family’s “special” recipe as being a dessert called “Green Stuff”. That is until a couple of years ago when I learned that not only do other people know what green stuff is, they also call it green stuff! I was so shocked I had to take a poll to find out just how many of my Facebook friends knew what it was. Again, turns out more than I thought. So there went my family’s unique-to-us recipe.

Dream about the memories your family will make as the tradition of a family recipe is passed down.

In these uncertain times, sharing a family recipe may be the last thing on your mind. However, I’m starting to think now is the perfect time to get any and all generational recipes your family has and look through them. Maybe it’s time to gather them all in one cookbook or perhaps you can pick a recipe to teach your own children. The ingredients might not all be available at this moment, but look them over and make a plan to prepare them together once this season of chaos has passed. Take it as an opportunity to dream. Dream about the memories your family will make as the tradition of a family recipe is passed down. Dream and make plans to have a family gathering, to come together once again in celebration of a new season of life. A season where fear and separation are behind us.

Why not start one?

If your family doesn’t have a traditional or generational recipe then why not start one? Pick a recipe that your family loves, or maybe one that you loved as a child, then prepare it together. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe so that you never lose it and so that you can copy it down for others in your family later on.

The point of a generational dish is that it brings the family closer. It’s something that is shared, something that is made precious not just by the dish itself but the memories that are created around it. Memories that will be passed down along with the dish. They’re the good things that connect us from one generation to the next. Happy cooking!

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