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Where’s Home for You?

Sorry I’ve missed posting the last few days. Last week our internet gave us problems and then over the weekend I had a breakthrough with the manuscript I’m rewriting. I’ve been having difficulty with it even though I had it almost completed before I lost it because I plot out almost nothing. What I do have is mixed together musings. I’m just thankful I had some of it on my phone and didn’t have to start from scratch.

The Ocean by Me.

Lately I’ve been dreaming of the ocean. It’s not a big deal but it is making my longing for it stronger. When I was nineteen, my family and I went to Florida and rented a condo right on the beach. I slept with my window open every night so that I could hear the waves clearly. When we returned home, I missed the sound so much I had trouble sleeping. I tried to play one of my mom’s nature CDs, but even that didn’t help. I’ve come to realize that nothing can compare to the pure sound of being right there. I’ve only come across one recording that made me feel like I was there and it was a video someone had made of the waves lapping on the shore and it wasn’t long enough.

Home is where you feel alive.

A few weeks ago, I told a friend of mine that home is where you feel alive. At the time I told her I always feel alive in Florida, but I’m thinking it’s more than that. Usually after vacations I totally get the travel bug. I’ll start talking about finally getting my passport (totally on my bucket list) and planning a vacation to Europe or something like that. This time I’m just dreaming of packing up and going to the beach. I honestly would love living closer to the ocean. I couldn’t tell you why. I was laughing at myself last night because I kept thinking that I’m like Moana, the ocean calls to me. One of my favorite worship songs is Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United. I just feel like the ocean could be home. The beach. You know what I mean. Also, I just learned that the technical word for ocean lover is Thalassophile. Huh. You learn something new all the time. I’ll just add it to my “‘phile” list.

Do you ever just get a longing for a certain place, even though you’ve never been there or lived there? Some people long for the mountains, some for the plains or forests, and others, like me, long for the ocean. I can’t tell you why but I think if you have a longing for somewhere else, you should do what you can to follow that longing. Who knows, maybe you are being called there for a purpose. Another friend of mine just moved to the West Coast. He’s been talking and dreaming of it for years and finally did it and he’s so happy. Maybe one day my dream of being a beach dweller, lazing on a surfboard, and raising my kids by the ocean will come true. Happy Waves!

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