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Eight Book Series You Should Read:

I am a proud bibliophile. I would rather go shopping for a book than anything else and I’m constantly adding to my to-be-read list. I swear that one day I will finish Villete by Charlotte Brontë. In high school, my BFF and I would spend weekends absorbed in books, we called it social reading. As a bibliophile, I feel it my duty to spread the love of books. Here are eight series that I have found throughout the years that have captured me, therefore finding spots on my favorite bookshelves.

1. Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oak

This is the first book series I remember reading ever. It probably wasn’t the first but it’s the one that stands out in my mind. My mom bought me the first three books for my 13 birthday. The reason she bought it for me? Because it was a series she had read and loved when she was younger. Over the years I accumulated the remaining books. The books start with Clark and Marty Davis, two strangers who agree to marriage of convenience in the American Frontier, and then span through the stories of their children as they find love and move on.

2. The Gallagher Girl series by Ally Carter

Cameron Anne Morgan, Cammie aka Chameleon, attends the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. Paraded as a boarding school for the daughters of the rich and elite, it’s actually a school for spies. This series begins in Cammie’s Sophomore year when she is discovered by a regular boy during a recon assignment. Though seemingly immature at the beginning, the series grows in maturity as Cammie goes through each year and faces greater threats and secrets (like what really happened to her dad). This series has been a favorite of mine from the first book and has a permanent spot on my ‘favorites’ bookshelf. I always recommend this series for girls and will be reading it to Isbe when she gets a little older.

3. Splintered series by A.G. Howard

If you like slightly dark and twisted retellings then this series is for you. Alyssa Gardner’s mother has always warned her about the family curse and Alyssa knows it’s not an idle threat, her mom is locked away in a mental institution due to that curse. Alyssa does everything she can to not be like her mother until the “curse” comes to call and Alyssa is thrown into Wonderland, where she has to right the wrongs that brought on the curse. This Wonderland, however, isn’t as sweet and fun as Carroll’s written version, it’s as dark and as mysterious as her guide, Morpheus. Seriously, this series is so underrated and not talked about enough.

4. The Mark of the Lion by Francine Rivers

Set after the fall of Jerusalem, Hadassah is a girl sold into slavery to a Roman family. Kind and compassionate, Hadassah cares for her owners as if they were her own family, even after the secret she holds comes to light and she’s cruelly sent to the arena to die. Every time I read this series I feel myself wanting to draw closer to God and be a better version of myself, a better example of my faith.

5. Silence trilogy by Natasha Preston

I’m pretty sure I first read this book because it sounded interesting and it was free. After reading it, I knew I had to continue the series. At first there were only two books so when the third one came out I was ecstatic to get more. At the start of the first book, Oakley hasn’t spoken in ten years. Between pleas from her family and friends for answers and the bullying she receives, sometimes the only person who seems to accept her as she is is her best friend and the boy next door, Cole. It’s Cole she leans on when the truth comes out and later when she returns to face her fears. I will say that these books deal with sensitive subjects and may not be for every reader. I love them because of the bff romance but also because of the triumph and strength that Oakley exhibits.

6. Wishes series by G.J. Walker-Smith

Charli Blake believes in fairytales, fate, and all things impossible, so when she meets Adam Decarie she doesn’t even question that they’re supposed to be together. What follows is a series full of adventure that spans from Australia to the Big Apple as Charli and Adam learn that being soulmates is often comprised of living in the moment and finding magic in the simple things. There are so many reasons to love this series. Honestly I’ve started to write down every fairytale from this book because they catch my imagination just as much as they do the characters’. Charli and Adam are equally frustrating and lovable. There are definitely times I want to reach between the pages and slap some sense into them, but they always manage to redeem themselves somehow. These books also reignited my interest in the French language.

7. Significance series by Shelly Crane

Speaking of soulmates, this series goes beyond soulmates to the supernatural. The night of her High School graduation, Maggie Masters saves the life of Caleb Jacobson. Their connection is instant and the moment they touch hands they see their future together. It should be as simple as that but there are other families who covet what Maggie and Caleb have, and will become, and they’ll do anything to keep them apart, even kidnapping and torturing them. Maggie and Caleb will have to learn to hold on to each other as they fight against people that would keep them apart and archaic traditions that would keep them from forging their own path together. This series is full of superpowers, true love, and good vs evil. Not to mention, Shelly Crane provides a playlist to go with the story. I’ve found some new bands thanks to her.

8. Give Me series by Kate McCarthy

Oh what to say bout this series. For the longest time I was only able to fully read the first book, Give Me Love, and it alone found its way to my favorites. It follows Evie Jamieson as she deals with the rising fame of her band and finally opening her heart to the love of Jared, a partner in her brother’s consulting company, affectionately named the “Badass Brigade”. When a kidnapping consultation goes wrong, the man on the other end becomes determined to enact revenge via Evie. I was finally able to read more of the series recently and was not disappointed. Each book focuses on a different couple and the trials they go through to be together, often fighting against issues of the past. This series is full of action (it’s the Badass Brigade for a reason), redemptions of the past, and finding the middle in relationships. I will say that this series is not suitable for younger readers. Sorry.

So there you go. Eight of my favorite series, but by far not the only ones I adore. I hope you decide to pick up one of them (or all of them) to enjoy. Happy Reading!

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