To Cookbook or Not?

When it comes to cooking, there are two styles in our house. One needs a cookbook or recipe to follow, every T crossed and I dotted. The other one wings it. Can you guess who uses which style?

I do my best when I have a recipe to follow. I want to know what I’ll need, how much of it I’ll need, and a step by step guide so I know I’m making it correctly. The other day I texted my mom and asked her for my Grammie’s green bean recipe. I asked her at least ten questions even though it’s a really simple recipe. Even now I’m thinking of a more in-depth question to ask her about it. I’m sure my mom’s shaking her head at me over it.

He’s like a Chef-Wizard or something

My husband, on the other hand, throws things together and makes it work. He might look up a recipe if he’s trying something new, but he only uses it as a reference. I swear he’s like a Chef-Wizard or something. The only time I can remember him following a recipe fully was when he was making Lemon Bars. I don’t know if it was because he was making them for other people, as opposed to just us, or if it was because it involved baking.

My First Cookbooks

And yet, even though I need a recipe to follow, I only have a beginner’s collection of cookbooks. I received two for Christmas 2018 and then I bought another one a few months ago. I also have one of those Family Keepsake Recipe binders but it doesn’t have a lot in it either. I’m still on the hunt for more cookbooks as I try to broaden and develop my cooking skills.

I taught him how to make spaghetti.

My one claim to fame when it comes to cooking, at least between us, is that I taught him how to make spaghetti. Not that making spaghetti is hard but I feel a since of pride knowing I was the first one to be able to make it between us. I still remember my first time making spaghetti. My mom was running late and instructed me over the phone what to do. It was still a mess as I thought I could overcook the noodles and ended up burning them. Oops. Thankfully my mom, somehow, saved the dinner. I’ll never forget that night. Now it’s such a simple dish for us to make, sometimes we’ll even switch out spaghetti noodles for penne, and hamburger for sausage. Try it, it’s delicious. Both of the kids have shown an interest in wanting to cook, too. I’ll be sure to find a better cook than I to teach them.

What about you? Do you need a recipe in front of you or can you just wing it? Who’s the better cook in your family? Is cooking a family affair? Do you have a bookshelf of cookbooks or just one or two that you love to cook from? Is there a cookbook you would recommend? If so, let me know!

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