The Food of Disney World

Last week we took a special vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. My husband and I have been before, but this visit was the first for the kids and it was the first time we visited “Star Wars Land”, Batuu. To say it was amazing is an understatement and I was so not ready to leave. This week I’ll be telling you all about our vacation and to kick it off I’m going to talk about…Food.

Drinking a Cliff Dweller at Oga’s

#1. Oga’s Cantina
While not really a food place, this is the first place we visited on our first day. Technically, the boys visited first and then we all went together a couple of hours later when Isbe and I had a reservation. That’s right. Like many Disney restaurants, it’s a safe idea to make a reservation to make sure you get in. After all, Oga’s is the only Cantina in the Black Spire Outpost and it’s a pretty popular place. We got lucky when it was mine and Isbe’s turn and they let the boys come in with us. That was a life saver for me because otherwise I would’ve been stuck holding Isbe the entire time while trying to juggle my drink and hers. She’s so young we just bought her an apple juice. I, however, went for the Cliff Dweller. It contained Citrus juices, Coconut, Hibiscus-Grenadine, and Ginger Ale. If it sounds good, it is nothing compared to how it tasted. It was so amazing, I was left wanting more when I slurped up the last little bit. It may be one of the priciest concoctions on the menu, but that’s because you get to take a replica Porg mug home afterwards. I wanna say the hubby told me he bought a Jedi Mind trick and enjoyed it. Unfortunately I wasn’t there when he drank it so I didn’t get to see his reaction first hand. If you find yourself visiting the Black Spire Outpost, make sure to drop in at Oga’s.

Ronto Roaster’s

#2 Ronto Roasters
Just off of the Toydarian Marketplace is a restaurant called Ronto Roasters. The first thing you notice is that in the middle of this airy restaurant, a Pitmaster Droid is cooking things over a spit using an engine. Every once in awhile, the engine will shut off and have to be fixed. There we got the Endorian Chicken Wrap. Containing Marinated Chicken, Cucumber Relish, Yogurt and Feta Pesto Sauce, it was so delicious. I’m pretty sure I could’ve eaten it every day we were there without complaining. The line wasn’t long when we went, but seating is limited within the restaurant and we ended up grabbing the other side of a table with some strangers. Still, I’d do it again.

Endorian Chicken Wrap

#3 Chicken Guy
While technically not in any of the parks, Chicken Guy is found in Disney’s shopping district, Disney Springs. If you can’t tell, my family loves their chicken. So of course this was a no brainer. While the main course was familiar (and gluten free), the amount of sauce options allows you to try different flavors. With over twenty varieties of sauce, even something as simple as the Buttermilk Ranch (my choice) had things like Dill thrown in to make it different. It wasn’t extraordinary, but it was similar and tasty, and after a long day of walking and exploring a different world, sometimes that’s all you need.

#4 Creature Comforts
Okay, let’s call this place what it really is, Starbucks. A cool looking Starbucks filled with Disney Magic, but a Starbucks nonetheless. Located in the Animal Kingdom theme park, this was the perfect place to get breakfast. We were actually on our way to a different restaurant when we came across this place and its siren call could not be ignored. Not that we tried very hard to. It was a typical Starbucks so I won’t waste long on it but since we ate there, I had to mention it. Isbe, who decided to be a picky eater for some reason, even ate her blueberry muffin. I was so excited.

A little Disney Magic in my Starbucks

#5 Restaurant Marrakesh
Located in Epcot, this restaurant made such an impression on me years ago that I’ve since tried to make the same dish I had then, the Chicken Bastilla. Unfortunately, we did not visit this restaurant last week, but like I said, it made such an impression last time and I felt it was still worth sharing. The Chicken Bastilla contains minced chicken and almonds baked within layers of thin pastry and then sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Honestly, don’t ask me how it works, it just does. While the food is sending your taste buds on an exquisite ride, the entertainment around you will finish drawing you in. My mouth is watering just thinking about its food. Now if I could just find the recipe for it again….

Disney always sets the bar to impress and that doesn’t change when it comes to their food. If you’re concerned about food allergies, they provide for that too. Just search for Allergen-Free menus on Pinterest and you’ll find tons of posts all about it. They’re super cautious and careful, unlike most everyday restaurants, Disney knows the seriousness of cross-contamination. So whether you’re in Africa, Morocco, or a Galaxy Far Far Away, there’s something for you. Now if I could just figure out how to make their food at home, everything would be perfect. Happy Eating!

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