Becoming Your Goal Self

I am by no means an exercise expert. Yes I have danced since the age of 11, but beyond that I am just a normal person who is looking at her post-baby body and going, “Ugh.” However, I was thinking about earlier and I think there are three steps everyone needs to take when getting serious about exercise. And really, I’m talking to myself on this one, too.

No more package of Oreos and a Dr. Pepper for breakfast on Saturdays.

#1 Be Honest About Yourself
I’m not just talking about our bodies and their types, though that may be beneficial to you. What are our habits? Do we sit down for 8 plus hours a day and expect an hour each day to fix it? Do we drink soda every day, telling ourselves that it’s just one? Do we under-eat and tell ourselves it’s to help us lose weight/fat? Do we allow ourselves to over-eat on Saturday mornings because we spend five hours at the gym every week? We need to be honest with where we’re starting. We’ll never reach our level 10 status if we’re telling ourselves we’re starting at a 5 when really we’re starting at 1.

It’s about becoming your best self, your strongest and happiest self.

#2 Set an End Goal
If you ask me what my ultimate end goal is, I’d tell you it’s Rachele Brooke Smith level. (Seriously, that girl is amazing.) That’s the level I was working toward before babies and I was at least half-way there before I got pregnant with Ade. What’s your end goal? Who do you follow to inspire you? If you don’t have someone, I suggest you find them to remind you what the mirror might not. Remember, though, the goal isn’t to beat yourself up because you don’t look like someone else or trying to fit in a size 0. It’s about becoming your best self, your strongest and happiest self.

Only you know what it’ll take to truly motivate you.

#3 Be Realistic about Said Goal
I am not going to tell you that your ultimate goal cannot be reached by you, because it can be. I am going to tell you to be realistic about how long it’s going to take you to get there. Be realistic about what you’re gonna have to do to reach that goal.
It took a year of me getting serious and dancing almost five nights a week for at least two hours each night. I had to be better about my diet, no more package of Oreos and a can of Dr. Pepper for breakfast on Saturdays. This time, to get back to that same body, it may take over a year because I’m starting at one, maybe two, when before I’d started the year at like a four. Also, I’m not dancing this year so I’m gonna have to fill those hours with something equal to dancing whether it’s cardio or strength training (both of which are involved in dance classes).
What steps are you going to have to take to reach your goal? What small goals do you need to set that will be realistic for you to reach your ultimate goal? How are you going to adapt those steps so that you’ll keep doing them? Is your time frame a month or a year, maybe even two years? I don’t believe in completely cutting food out, but are you going to have to cut back on something? Maybe spending time researching and experimenting with food so that you will eat healthier? Will you need to spend time meal prepping one day a week so that you’ll actually eat healthy? Or do you prefer to make your food and then eat it fresh? What habits do you need to make those you’ve broken and how will you make them? Only you know what it’ll take to truly motivate you.

#4 Get to Work
That’s it. Get to work. You’ve evaluated yourself and where you’re at. You’ve set a goal and have at least outlined steps to take to reach that goal. You’ve been honest with yourself. Now it’s time to begin step one of your plan. So stop reading and start doing. Happy journeying fellow Goal Getters.

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