The Jewels of a Decade

Today is the last day of the year. On this date ten years ago, my husband and I became engaged in one of my favorite places: on the lighted bridge at the Festival of Lights. The ten years that followed were so full of change, some happy and some sad.

Those moments would be diamonds, tanzanites, and amethysts.

I’m sure everyone else is sifting through the years looking for the jewels of this past decade as I am. Some of them are easy to spot. They’re the big moments like the day we got married, the days I found out I was pregnant, and the nights I delivered my children. Those moments would be diamonds, tanzanites, and amethysts. Then there are the ones that are just as big but harder to look at. Within this last decade I lost two people who were pieces of my heart, who helped shape me. Those moments would be my own aquamarine, the setting a teardrop as I feel sadness now over our permanent parting as opposed to the hot anger of grief I felt for so long.

Then there are smaller moments. The moments when I’m dancing on stage, and then laughing afterwards in relief for never missing a step. Those moments would be yellow topaz for the joy. There are darker jewels, perhaps they are lapis lazuli, to represent the darker moments in my life of anxiety and depression, dark but still beautiful in the light of God’s grace.

Maybe for you it isn’t jewels but something else.

Every moment can be categorized in some way. Maybe for you it isn’t jewels but something else. The beauty of sun rays shining through trees or the dark clouds of a storm. The sound of someone’s laughter or cries. Life is never just one thing and if you don’t look for the moments, you’ll lose them forever.

We look forward now to a new year. For my family it will be one of excitement and adventure, new experiences that will be treasured forever. We enter a new year, a new decade of possibilities. I wonder now what it holds for us, for you, for me. I wonder what things I’ll go through, what jewels I will gather.

I hope that when you sift through and look at your own jewels you’ll see their beauty, whether it be dark like an onyx or bright like an opal. Hold it to the light and remember that it’s your beauty they reflect. I hope the light you’re using is bright enough to show you the full beauty of the moments, the jewels, that make up you.

Happy New Year

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