Fulfilled in the Calling

Three or four years ago I felt called to start a blog. In it I knew I wanted to share my life and the things I felt God had shown me during my bible study, and even my own thoughts on those studies. I remember saying, “Okay, God. I’ll start a blog for You.”

I had decided to follow someone else’s dream for me.

Though that calling stayed with me, I kept putting it off for two reasons. First, I didn’t know where to start. I would look up ‘How to start a blog’ and my head would spin from all the to-do’s that I read. Second, I started to follow a different opportunity. I’m not saying it wasn’t a lucrative opportunity because it was, for others. I was not prosperous and I was not fulfilled. I had decided to follow someone else’s dream for me. Even so, I found it very difficult to stop walking in that dream. It was downright hard. I would find myself side-stepping back onto the path, trying to walk in it, and then realize nothing had changed for me. It’s easy to walk a path you know even if it isn’t the right path for you.

When I finally took that leap and decided to start Above My Waves, I was so full of emotion. Nervousness. Joy. Excitement. Finally, finally, I was doing something I’d been called to do. It didn’t matter to me that I hadn’t checked off every thing I was advised to do (such as buy my own domain or not go the free route). I was just happy to be doing it. As I delved deeper into this calling, I found myself caring less and less about my other venture. I’ve almost completely stopped walking on that path that wasn’t meant for me.

God knows what will fulfill you.

And here, I think, may be the lesson in all of this. God gives you the calling that He does because He knows what will fulfill you. When you try to walk in someone else’s calling, you won’t be fulfilled no matter how successful, or otherwise, you are.

I wanted to go down that path because I saw the success of others and wanted it for myself, yet even from the start I knew it wasn’t the right path for me. I am thankful for the things that I have learned during that journey, but I could’ve learned them another way without compromising myself. Following that other path took a toll on me. I did the opposite of growing when I walked it. When you’re following the path God has laid out for you, you will grow. I think I’m growing now and I’m feeling great. I’m not trying to do this on my own and because I know it’s something God has called me to, I don’t have any problems asking Him for help or putting it in His hands. I’m happy and I’m content, and it’s all because I’m being fulfilled in the calling God has given me.

Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you: A prophet to the nations–that’s what I had in mind for you.

Jeremiah 1:5 msg

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