End of October Chat

Hello on this cold and wet October day. Can you believe we’re in the last week of October? While most people tack on an “already” to that last sentence, I’m of the mind to say “finally”. All month long I’ve had to remind myself that it wasn’t November. Probably because we don’t really do Halloween in our house so it’s easy to overlook it for me.

Is it just me or is it always really cold and rainy the last week of October? The weather is supposed to be so dreary this week that I’m making hot meals all week. Beef Stew is on the menu for today and then Thursday I’m going to attempt a new Chili recipe. Hopefully it’s better received than the last one I made a few weeks ago. Trial and error is how one learns though, right? At least I can usually count on myself to like whatever I make and will eat it.

Also, am I the only one who does fall cleaning? Today I finally tackled my linen closet, which has been bugging me for a few weeks now. I should’ve taken before and after pictures but I didn’t. Next will probably be the cabinet I keep all my lotions and stuff in because I realized yesterday that I am actually out of non-expired lotion. I know for a fact that once lotion is past its expiration date, it does not smell lovely at all. Last week I finally went through the kids’ dressers and cleaned them out. We had to take a little shopping trip Sunday because they both needed some warmer clothes.

Well, I hope you enjoy this last week of October no matter what weather you’re experiencing and whether or not you participate in Halloween. Stay safe if you do. Remember to take a deep breath before the rush of year-end Holidays begin!

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