The Standard

In ancient armies, a Standard was many things to its troops. First it was a way of communication, it was used to signal new formations for the troops. Second it was a rallying point, a place to regroup and rally spirits. Third it represented their country, their ruler, and the people they fought for. Fourth it was a symbol of pride and honor, it was no little thing to lose an army’s Standard. A new war would be waged just to get a lost Standard back.

In Isaiah 31:9 he says that “…even his officers shall desert the standard in fear and panic…” So great was the Assyrian’s fear of God’s might that they would dishonor themselves, their people, and their ruler by leaving such an important thing. And it wasn’t some green foot soldiers who did it either. It was ranking officers. I imagine God taking the Standard poles and breaking them like twigs, just as He broke their country.

The good news is that God is our Standard. It is to Him that we rally, to Him that we look for direction. He is the source of our honor and pride. He is the one Standard that will not fall. The One that will not be lost or overtaken. God’s Standard will stand tall through the ages. It will not break down or disintegrate. It will triumph over all others.

When we go into battle, He will not break. We carry Him with us, our greatest weapon and source. When the enemies see God’s Standard coming towards them, they flee before it, shaking with fear. Under God’s Standard we have absolute victory. As long as we rally under the Standard of God, none of us shall fall. We will prevail.

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