The Language of You and Him

God isn’t going to speak to you in someone else’s connection language. My whole life I have been told that I need quiet time before the Lord, and this is true. We all need to have time where it’s just us and Him, no distractions. But I will be honest, I have wasted many, many precious moments of my quiet time frustrated because I was trying to hear God using someone else’s language.

I can’t tell you how many times I have sat in complete silence waiting to hear from God and felt like a failure because nothing came from through. Was I just not listening hard enough? Did I not wait long enough? Was I just not disciplined enough? The problem wasn’t any of these, it was only that I wasn’t listening in my connection language. I am a writer. A lot of the time (most of the time) God will speak to me through writing. So just sitting down in complete silence doesn’t work for me for the most part.

In what ways has God spoken to you? How do you hear God the clearest? Through music? Through reading or writing? Through art? Through sitting in complete silence? However it is, that is how God is going to speak to you. Don’t go looking for God through someone else’s language. It will only frustrate you. It’s okay to seek Him through your language, even if someone else can’t or tries to tell you it won’t work or it isn’t acceptable. God is the Creator of languages and He put one in you that is specific to you and Him. Don’t ignore it because it doesn’t look like another’s. Don’t ignore it because it doesn’t look like the “normal”. You do you and if you’re reaching for God, He will reach right back and you will connect. So find your language and be amazed at how clearly God comes through.

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